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Golden Cafe

Chinese, Continental Restaurant

Shop no.1, Nehru Bazar, Panchkuian Road, Pahaganj,

Opposite Hanuman Temple.

Tel: 9810 819 377 or 9810 819 367

11 am to 11 pm

Free home delivery within 3 kms, minimum order Rs.150

Prices listed as of April 1st 2012.


Sweet Corn Soup 60/70 Rp.

Manchow Soup 60/70 Rp.

Wonton Soup 60/70 Rp.

Hot and Sour Soup 60/70 Rp.

Clear Soup 60/70 Rp.

Talumein Soup 60/70 Rp.

Mushrom Soup 60/70 Rp.

Tum Yum 70/80 Rp.

Tom Khaa 70/80 Rp.

Golden Cafe Special Soup 80/90 Rp.

Appetizers Veg.

Momos Steamed 80 Rp.

Momos Fried 85 Rp.

Yaki Gyoza 100 Rp.

Spring Roll 80 Rp.

Fried Wonton 80 Rp.

Chrispy Potato (honey chilly/pepper salt) 80 Rp.

French Fries 75 Rp.

Chrispy Veg. (honey chilly/pepper salt) 125 Rp.

Paneer Pepper Chilly 135 Rp.

Mushrom Pepper Chilly 125 Rp.

Tofu Chilly Dry 125 Rp.

Tofu Pepper Salt 125 Rp.

Golden Fried Baby Corn 125 Rp.

Baby Corn Pepper Salt 125 Rp.

Chrispy Corn (honey chilly/pepper salt) 125 Rp.

Lotus Root (honey chilly/pepper salt) 125 Rp.

Appetizers Non-Veg

Chicken Momos Steamed 90 Rp.

Chicken Momos Fried 95 Rp.

Pork Momos Steamed 90 Rp.

Pork Momos Fried 95 Rp.

Chicken Yaki Gyoza 105 Rp.

Pork Yaki Gyoza 105 Rp.

Chicken Spring Roll 90 Rp.

Chicken Fried Wonton 90 Rp.

Drums of Heaven (Deep fried/Pepper salt) 145 Rp.

Chicken Winglets 145 Rp.

Chicken Pepper Salt 165 Rp.

Chilly Chicken Dry 145 Rp.

Chrispy Chicken (honey chilly/pepper salt) 165 Rp.

Chrispy Lamb (honey chilly/pepper salt) 200 Rp.

Chrispy Honey Pepper Chicken (10 pcs.) 200 Rp.

Pork Spare Ribs 170 Rp.

Pork Pepper Chilly 145 Rp.

Pork Chilly Dry 145 Rp.

Lamb Chilly Dry 190 Rp.

Roasted Pork Dry (Szechwan Dry) 145 Rp.

Fish Red & Green Chilly 195 Rp.

Fish Chilly Dry 195 Rp.

Golden Fried King Prawn 350 Rp.

King Prawn/Prawn Shrimp (honey chilly/pepper salt) 360/260 Rp.

Main Course-Chicken

Hakka Chilly Chicken 145 Rp.

Mongolian Chicken 145 Rp.

Mandarin Honey Chicken 145 Rp.

Chilly Chicken Gravy 145 Rp.

Chicken Sweet and Sour 145 Rp.

Chicken in Oyster Sauce 145 Rp.

Chicken Manchurian 145 Rp.

Lemon Chicken Cantoneese Style 145 Rp.

Diced Chicken Szechwan Sauce 145 Rp.

Shredded Chicken Black Bean Sauce 145 Rp.

Shredded Chicken Red & Green Pepper 145 Rp.

Chicken Mushrom Bamboo Shoots 145 Rp

Chicken Hot Garlic/Ginger Sauce 145 Rp.

Main Course-Pork

Roasted Pork Szechwan Style 140 Rp.

Sliced Pork Szechwan Style 140 Rp.

Sliced Pork Hong Kong Style 140 Rp.

Pork Sweet & Sour 140 Rp.

Pork Chilly Gravy 140 Rp.

Pork in Oyster Sauce 140 Rp.

Pork Manchurian (dry/gravy) 140 Rp.

Shredded Pork Black Bean Sauce 140 Rp.

Main Course-Lamb

Lamb Honey Sauce 190 Rp.

Lamb Hot Garlic/Ginger Sauce 190 Rp.

Lamb Red & Green Chilly 190 Rp.

Lamb in Oyster Sauce 190 Rp.

Sliced Lamb Szechwan Style 190 Rp.

Lamb Chilly (dry/gravy) 190 Rp.

Lamb Manchurian (dry/gravy) 190 Rp.

Schredded Lamb Black Bean Sauce 190 Rp.

Lamb Mushrom Bamboo Shoot 190 Rp.

Main Course-Sea Food

King Prawn 260 Rp.

Shrimp Prawn 260 Rp.

Fish 195 Rp.

Main Course-Thai Red/Green Curry

(Served with Steamed Rice)

Mix Vegetable 170 Rp.

Paneer/Tofu/Mushroom 175 Rp.

Chicken/Pork 190 Rp.

Lamb 225 Rp.

Fish 225 Rp.

King Prawn 385 Rp.

Shrimp Prawn 320 Rp.

Vegetarian Specialities

Chinese Stir Fry (Mix. Veg) 115 Rp.

Mix Veg Tofu 115 Rp.

Tofu Mushrom Bamboo Shoots 115 Rp.

Tofu Chilly Gravy 125 Rp.

Mix Veg. Black Bean Sauce 115 Rp.

Mix Veg. Sweet & Sour 115 Rp.

Veg. Manchurian 115 Rp.

Shredded Potato Hot Garlic 115 Rp.

Mix Veg Szechwan style 115 Rp.

Brocoli Baby Corn Hot Garlic Sauce 130 Rp.

Brocoli Baby Corn Bamboo Shoots 130 Rp.

Mix Veg. Baby Corn Black Bean Sauce 130 Rp.

Mix Veg. Hot Garlic/Ginger 115 Rp.

Paneer Chilly Gravy 135 Rp.

Mix Veg. Oyster Sauce 115 Rp.


Veg. Hakka Noodle 75 Rp.

Egg Hakka Noodle 85 Rp.

Chicken Hakka Noodle 90 Rp.

Pork Hakka Noodle 90 Rp.

Prawns Hakka Noodle 115 Rp.

Chilly Garlic Noodle Veg./Non Veg. 80/95 Rp.

Szechwan Noodle Veg./Non Veg. 85/100 Rp.

Mee Goreng Veg./Non Veg. 95/110 Rp.

Pan Fried Noodle Veg./Non Veg. 100/110 Rp.

Golden Cafe Special Noodle Veg./Non Veg. 125 Rp.


Veg Fried Rice 80 Rp.

Egg Fried Rice 90 Rp.

Chicken Fried Rice 95 Rp.

Chicken Tomato Stew Rice 110 Rp.

Pork Fried Rice 95 Rp.

Prawn Fried Rice 120 Rp.

Chilly Garlic Fried Rice Veg./Non Veg. 85/100 Rp.

Szechwan Fried Rice Veg./Non Veg. 95/105 Rp.

Steamed Rice 75 Rp.

Golden Cafe Special Fried Rice 130 Rp.


Veg. Chopsuey 90 Rp.

Chicken Chopsuey 100 Rp.

Chinese Chopsuey Veg./Non Veg. 115/120 Rp.

American Chopsuey Veg./Non Veg. 115/120 Rp.


Veg. Thukpa 75 Rp.

Chicken Chukpa 85 Rp.

Pork Chuckpa 85 Rp.

Mix Meat Thukpa 110 Rp.